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30.3.2020 Update

Hi Year 6, hope you are all well and have managed the first week of lock down without driving the rest of your family crazy. I have been busy working on my computer and walking my dog as my daily exercise. Have you all been having a go at Joe Wicks P.E. everyday? I am having a go at my first on-line yoga class on Wednesday. I hope there is no chanting! Didn't think I would miss you as much as I have. You have all been in my thoughts and I hope you are trying to do some learning at home using the resources Ms Hathaway and I have set. The Internet is now full of activities but can be a bit overwhelming, just make sure you keep your brains ticking over. I've been on a virtual tour of the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. I've added the link below. There are 20 to choose from and various activities you can do. Have fun!


Hello all of you - Ms Hathaway here. Here are some additional activities for you to have a go at in your afternoons.



No special paper needed – grab scrap paper, wrapping paper, use a page from your home learning book to try out these projects below:

3-minute origami butterfly


Ninja star


Jumping frog


Doodle art

Grab a pencil, something to draw on (not your younger brothers/ sisters) and get doodling!

Positive messages

Why not get creative with lettering and creative a positive message to stick on your fridge/ in your window / on your bedroom wall: