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10 Fun Art Activities from Home - Click Here

Repeat Pattern Making - Click Here 

Make your own sculpture - Click here

Learn a new skill - Doodling - Click Here

Rocket Craft

Make a rocket out of recycled materials or card.  Below are some ideas. 


Transform a bottle into a rocket in 6 easy steps - Click Here

Simple Rocket Craft - Click Here

Draw a rocket - Click Here

Above are some ideas and tutorials on how to draw your own rocket.

Art Work 


Bong Tree Design


Make a collage of a Bong Tree using left over or crafting materials from your house such as paper, wool, buttons, tissue paper, beads, gems, etc. 

Make your design first on a piece of A3.  Then start thinking about which materials you could have and how you would fold them and arrange them on the page.  At the end, you could even use water colours to add a bit of extra texture and vibrancy to your design. 

Observational Drawings


Choose a subject (a pot, your bike, an owl, cat, etc) and use your pencil to sketch and draw using your observational skills. 


Here are some Youtube tutorials to help you:


How to draw a robot


How to draw a dragon


How to draw a monster


How to draw a bee


How to draw an owl


How to draw a cat