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Updated 12th May 2020


Here is a resource that can help you start planning your own marble run. There are also a few recipes that you can have a go at and be creative with your meals. Have a look on the 'Super Yummy, Simply Delicious' section on the home learning page for the whole school for more cooking ideas and recipes.

Updated 20th April 2020


Marble Run Challenge - Design and Technology

Can you make your own marble run? Draw your design first and then use any materials you are allowed to use (check with your grown up first!). Take a picture and share it on the class blog.

Here are a couple of websites to help you plan your own marble run. Can you make it taller than you or can it go from one room to another? See if you can use objects you already have like cardboard tubes and cereal boxes.





March 2020


Design a theme park e.g. you could include many rides, food stalls and any other ideas for your theme park.