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Updated 24th June 2020


In this lesson learn what goes into making a good computer game and try making your own simple game.

This lesson includes:

  • Two videos
  • Two activities to help you learn more

Updated 11th June 2020


Social Media and Digital Wellbeing


Can social media affect our health and wellbeing?

Many studies have shown the positive and negative impacts social media can have on our wellbeing - both physical and mental. Social media on the one hand can become addictive, meaning people spend a lot of time on their screens and worry about how others see them online. People may be less active, find their sleep is negatively impacted and may lose contact with friends in the real world. On the other hand, social media can be a great way to keep in touch with others on a regular basis, can be a super way to spread good news and words of positivity and can be a way to learn new skills or join new groups. Being aware of the positives and the negatives means we can better protect our digital wellbeing.

Have a look at these resources to find out more. 

Updated 18th May 2020


Stop Motion films

Have a go at making your own Stop Motion animation films like some of us had a go at in Year 3!

The app we used was called Stop Motion Studio.

Remember to choose a main character or a few characters - this could be lego people, animals, toys or any kind of figures.

Take a picture of your characters and hold the camera still, move your characters a little bit then take another photo. Keep doing this until you have enough photos so it looks like your characters are moving!

You can then add sound effects and voices - you might need to take more photos to fill up the space.

Enjoy making films and let your teachers know when you have finished. We will see if there is a way of sharing these, if not we can find time when we are back in school to share your films!

Updated 5th May 2020


Explore using Scratch to see if you can make your own game. There are plenty of tutorials here to help you get started:



If you have not used Scratch at home before, use this link: 



Updated 21st April 2020


Lightbot's Hour of Code

Learn the basics of coding with Lightbot: 


This demo version is free if you search Code Hour Lightbot. If you search 'Lightbot', it might ask you to pay - please don't do this as the Code Hour demo is free!


Touch Typing


Learn how to touch type and see if you can become really quick at typing without looking at the keys. I'm doing it now while writing this!