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Computing Lessons from Bitesize - Click Here 

Click on the link above and choose a topic about computing you would like to learn more about. 


Download the grid above and choose a quick and easy to do activities to get you practising your computational thinking skills. The grid is split into six computational thinking concepts.  

Computer Learning Together Activities - Click Here


These are fun and creative activities to help you guide your child through fundamental parts of the computing curriculum without the need for screen time. They include everything you need to get started with activity sheets and accompanying materials.  Simply click on the link above,  choose the activity and download the materials.  You do not need to print the instructions if you haven't got a printer and you could improves any other materials by using a plain piece of paper and making them yourself!





Interactive Learning Games - Click Here


Here are some fantastic online games for children to explore. These fun activities are Barefoot inspired and apply computational thinking concepts to promote learning while playing.

Click the link above and then choose the game you would like to play.  Remember to share your computing device with your siblings!