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Sunday 12th July 

Some Pobble ideas this week to inspire you. I have put in two different options. 

Sunday 5th July 


Lots of you seem to enjoy the writing starters that use a film so I have added another one for this week. With a set of activities that are linked to it. Some activities are writing and some are other ideas. 

Ruckus 2013

Ruckus is a short, stylized, narrative group animation by CVA students: Ben Davis, Jared Auty, Luke Gravett, Peter May, and Peter Matev and CAA students: Jam...

Ideas to Help with Wanted Poster Description

You could design and make a 'Wanted Poster' 


Make sure your poster has...


A really great description of the person/people who are wanted. 

Paints them in a a bad light. 

Be specific about what they have done and why they are wanted. 

Let's people know how dangerous they are. 

Who to tell if someone has information. 

If there is a reward and what they reward is. 


I have added a template below that you could print or use to create your own on blank paper. 

Also if you want your paper to look old you could tear the edges and colour it with cold tea or coffee (no milk in it) Ask a parent to help you if you want to do that. 


Make sure that your poster isn't just a picture but that you write as well. 

Wanted Poster Background

Or if you fancy something different...

Sunday 28th June 


A video to watch this week and then ideas to follow to practise writing. A simple and heart-warming story.  

Lighthouse (Animation)

Lighthouse (2008), animated short movie by Charlie Short and Ming Hsiung made for the Responsibility Project campaign for Liberty Mutual. Animation director:...

Saturday 20th June

In case you hadn't noticed I've gone a bit lightning themed this week. Check out the picture and activities below.  


Lightning Never Strikes Twice

Or if you would like and alternative try this wonderful picture of a lighthouse. It has activities to help you with ideas. 

Sunday 7th June


Do you love Meercats? I do. So here is some writing inspired by a Meercat adventure. Watch the film first and then use the document to find ideas to write about. No need to finish it all in one day - there is quite a lot there and could be done over several days. 



Catch It - ESMA 2015

Discover more ESMA animation movies by subscribing: bit.ly/ESMAmovies Découvrez encore plus de films d'animation de l'ESMA en vous abonnant: bit.ly/ESMAmovie...

Or alternatively...


Use the image below to create or retell a fairy/fantasy story.  Open the PDF to see it. 


Think about these questions...


Who is the knight?

How has he reached the tower?

It is a princess in the tower?

Could it be a witch in disguise?

Does the princes need or want to be rescued?


Will you write a traditional version of a fairy tale you know like Rapunzel?

Will you write something with a modern twist - think of stories like 'Zog' by Julia Donaldson (if you haven't seen this it is available to watch on BBC iplayer - for free), or have you read 'Princess Smarty Pants' or 'Prince Cinders' by Babette Cole that both have a modern twist on traditional tales. 




Sunday 31st May 


Something fun!


Some of you may remember this film from September (can you remember all that way back?) 

Use it to refresh yourself about how to add suspense with your characters. What they are thinking and how they are feeling. Remember we want to be more sophisticated and 'show don't tell'.


Instead of: 'It was dark and he was scared' try something like...


His heart was in his throat and his tongue stuck to the roof of his mouth as he crept through the gloom. 


Watch the clip from the start and stop at 2m 58s




What happens – how will you describe the events in order to make it interesting?

You may want to create a word bank, like we do together in class, first to help you think about some great vocabulary. 


I have put the pyramids below that you can download to help you think about punctuation conjunctions, vocabulary and openers. Remember you need to aim for the larger sections of the triangles. 


Things to think about when you are writing...


  1. Choices of verbs, adverbs and adjectives that interest and excite the reader.
  2. Write in the past tense and stay in the past tense throughout.
  3. Write in the 3rd person all the way through  - he, him, his.
  4. Use expanded noun phrases.
  5. Use a fronted adverbial.
  6. Show don’t tell how the character is feeling.




Try writing it in the 1st person.

Imagine you are the character and write an entry about what happened in your diary.


  1. Write in the 1st person all the way through – I, me, my, mine.
  2. Show don’t tell how you felt.
  3. What were you searching for?
  4. Did you regret coming? Were you determined?


Whichever one you choose come back to your writing the next day and...

  1. Read it aloud – does it make sense?
  2. Punctuation is correct?
  3. Atmosphere – choices of verbs and adjectives to create excitement and interest. 
  4. Do we know how the character feels? How do we know?
  5. Have you checked your spellings?
  6. Do we know how the character feels?
  7. Have you stayed in the past tense all the way through?
  8. If you wrote in 3rd person have you stayed in 3rd person or if you write in 1st person have you stayed in 1st person?

Alphabet Poem

What can you remember about persuasive writing? Can you cast you mind all the way back to when we were persuading people to join the Roman Army and Celtic Rebellion?


Ideas to write persuasively about could be...


Create an amazing toy design - draw it and then write the advert to persuade others to buy it. 


Pick your favourite toy or game at home - can you persuade someone why it is the best?


What is so fantastic about football/netball/swimming - any sport. Persuade others why they should play. 



How To Write a Film Review

Something Different


Watch this film about 2 bandits - it's a cowboy/western style. 




Then there are some different ideas that you could try after you've watched it. There are lots on the document so you could try a few different ones over a week or so. 



Wednesday 29th April 



I have added the Year 3 Talk for Writing Unit called Troll today. Although it is Year 3 it is good revision as the Year 3 and 4 curriculum work over two year so it revisits some of our objectives. I am sure you could always level up to Year 4 writing as well :)


It leads you through all the activities and all you need if some paper and a pencil. Or you can always type on a computer if that is a possibility. 

There are lots of different activities just like we would do together at school and I would recommend that you work on it over a week or maybe a little longer - completing part of the unit each day. 


I have added another 3 Pobble writing idea sheets that you could use as well.