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Tuesday 19th May


I have out in an example of an explanation text and some top tips. Can you write an explanation text of your own. Do you have a hobby that you could explain to others?


Also I have included another poem to try - an alphabet poem using alliteration. 

Alphabet Poem

What can you remember about persuasive writing? Can you cast you mind all the way back to when we were persuading people to join the Roman Army and Celtic Rebellion?


Ideas to write persuasively about could be...


Create an amazing toy design - draw it and then write the advert to persuade others to buy it. 


Pick your favourite toy or game at home - can you persuade someone why it is the best?


What is so fantastic about football/netball/swimming - any sport. Persuade others why they should play. 



How To Write a Film Review

Something Different


Watch this film about 2 bandits - it's a cowboy/western style. 




Then there are some different ideas that you could try after you've watched it. There are lots on the document so you could try a few different ones over a week or so. 



Wednesday 29th April 



I have added the Year 3 Talk for Writing Unit called Troll today. Although it is Year 3 it is good revision as the Year 3 and 4 curriculum work over two year so it revisits some of our objectives. I am sure you could always level up to Year 4 writing as well :)


It leads you through all the activities and all you need if some paper and a pencil. Or you can always type on a computer if that is a possibility. 

There are lots of different activities just like we would do together at school and I would recommend that you work on it over a week or maybe a little longer - completing part of the unit each day. 


I have added another 3 Pobble writing idea sheets that you could use as well.