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This term I would like you to study poetry and have selected 'The Lady of Shalott'. There are nine lessons but some might take you one or two days to complete. The PowerPoint has some slides with an asterisk (*) which you can print off to complete or you can complete the work in your books. As the poem relates to Medieval Times, I have also included a grid with various fun activities that you might want to do to extend your learning further. If you have an adult to help you, there is an adult guidance sheet included too.

This is also an important time to get secondary school ready with Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling. Use this PowerPoint to help you revise what you need to know. There is also  PDF which has the worksheets you need to complete, that you can download and print off. As well as being able to know all these key skills, you need to be able to use them in your writing so get creative with the Inspiration Station which I will keep adding to, or use the video clips at the bottom of the page, or choose one of the images from the Creative Writing PDF. Think about how this image could be a snapshot from a story. What do you think happens before and after this picture? How could you develop this so the story has a beginning, middle and an end? After you’ve spent some time thinking about  your ideas, write your own story.

Use these Inspiration Station Sheets to get creative with your writing. It would be great to see some of your writing on the blog, just saying!


Just for fun

A selection of fun word puzzles which will challenge you to see how many words you can make from a set of given letters. The longer the word, the more points you get! Fun for all the family.



Below there are some PowerPoints to practise your English. Some PowerPoints have PDF Worksheets you can print off or you can work on paper from the PowerPoint.

Here are some fabulous resources to help get you writing. Below are just some of the the short films you can watch to inspire your writing. Click on the link, select the film you want to watch and have a go at the suggested activities which you can print off if you have a printer. If not, just read from the screen.