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Grammar Activities 13th July 2020


BBC Bitesize: Alliteration - Click Here 


BBC Bitesize: Description Words - Click Here

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Top Marks - Click Here


Fun Grammar Games for Kids - Click Here


Grammar Lesson Update 6th July 2020


BBC Bitesize: Curly caterpillar letters and exclamation marks - Click Here


BBC Bitesize: Alphabetical Order - Click Here


BBC Bitesize: Action Words - Click Here


BBC Bitesize: Practising spelling and writing questions - Click Here


BBC Bitesize:  Using Verbs - Click Here 


Grammar Lessons from BBC Bitesize


**** NEW LESSONS UPLOADED ON 22nd JUNE 2020 *****


Grammar - Describing Words for Adverts - Click Here 


Grammar - Using Descriptive Words - Click Here


Grammar - Writing and asking questions - Click Here


Grammar - Creating Lists in Sentences and writing command Sentences - Click Here


*** 8th June 2020 ***


Grammar - Sentences with description - Click Here


Grammar - Using commas when writing statements - Click Here


Grammar - Using Conjunctions to join sentences - Click Here


Grammar - Using Exclamation Marks - Click Here


Grammar - Using and identifying Homophones - Click Here


Grammar - Coordinating Conjunctions - Click Here


Grammar - Different types of sentences - Click Here 


Grammar - What are command sentences? - Click Here


Grammar - What are suffixes?  - Click Here 


Grammar - Using exclamation marks - Click Here 


Grammar - The suffix -ly - Click Here


Grammar - Word endings - Click Here 


Grammar Learning about Contractions - Click Here