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Updated 1st July 2020


Now you have learnt a bit about Henry VIII using the lesson below, find out more about Henry VIII and the Reformation.

Updated 17th June 2020


Learn about the life of Henry VIII and how he changed England forever.


Updated 3rd June 2020


Recap your learning on 1066 and the rightful heir to the throne with a lesson from Oak Academy.


In this lesson we are going to be learning about three men who were battling to become King of England in 1066. We will start by learning about Edward the Confessor, whose death prompted Harold Godwinson, William I and Harald Hardrada to battle for his throne. We will learn about the battles that took place in 1066, including the most famous battle: the Battle of Hastings. In this lesson you will need a piece of paper, a pencil and your brain.



If you are interested in this topic in History and Medieval Monarchs, you can continue learning more with Oak Academy's lessons if you scroll down to Humanities: 


Updated 12th May 2020


Make a Time Capsule!

Before starting your Time Capsule, talk to your family about what time capsules are and how you can create one together based on your current situation. 

In the future, people will look back upon this time as a major event in our history. This won't last forever but it is a major event that one day you will be telling your own children about what life was like!

These resources can help you put a time capsule together to look back on in years to come. Store the box somewhere safe and dry. You could also take some photos of a typical day in your household and put these in too. If you really want to, you might be allowed to bury your time capsule for someone else to find - check this is ok with your parents first!

If you are not able to print the sheets, you could create your own with the same designs or just use these as inspiration! You could even write your ideas on your tablet or computer and save your time capsule electronically if you can't print it. 


Updated 20th April 2020


1066 and Castles


One of our main topics this year was The Battle of Hastings. Read our class Knowledge Organiser on this topic and create a poster or a powerpoint on this topic. You can add other information you remember from this or research additional facts. Your poster or powerpoint could include a character profile on William the Conqueror, a timeline or a fact file on the Bayeux Tapestry.


Dissolution of Reading Abbey


Another topic we would have been looking at this year is the Dissolution of Reading Abbey. Read the class Knowledge Organiser on this topic and find out more! You can do additional research on Henry VIII or the dissolution of the monasteries using BBC Bitesize, DK Find Out or Twinkl. See if you can present your new learning in a poster or powerpoint.

March 2020


Horrible Histories


Explore different periods of history that you would like to know more about. Make a booklet on each period you have learnt about. Remember to include pictures and give a caption.