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Updated 18th May 2020


Put your French to the test and see if you can match these sentences together. Can you write your own conversations in French?

Updated 5th May 2020


Here are some resources from Twinkl to help you learn French words and phrases about food. You could role-play being an owner of a restaurant with your siblings and use the menu to show what you have available. 

Updated 20th April 2020


I hope you are all enjoying using Duolingo, it really is a quick and interesting way to learn new languages. If you have learnt a new phrase or even a few sentences, please share them with the rest of the class on the blog!


There are also resources for learning languages on BBC Bitesize:


Have a go at Duolingo!


Set up a free account with Duolingo (or download the app) and have a go at learning some new languages. You can create some flashcards of the words you are learning and practise with your family.