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Making Decisions

Making decisions — KS1-2 home learning lessons

Developing pupils’ decision making skills and their ability to manage influences is as important now as ever, even though the context for their decisions may have changed and the influences on them may be different. These independent learning skills will support pupils whilst working at home, including online, as well as on their return to school.

These primary home learning lesson plans for KS1&2 explore decision making and the strategies that pupils can use to manage different influences on their decisions and opinions.

In the key stage 1 lesson pupils learn to:

  • recognise situations which involve a decision.
  • identify some decisions a person could make and who could help them.
  • describe how some decisions we make can be influenced by other people.


In the key stage 2 lesson pupils learn to

  • Identify who or what may influence our opinions or decisions.
  • Recognise situations where people may be positively or negatively influenced.
  • Identify steps we can take to manage negative influences on our opinions or decisions.