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I know you like a to learn maths through games and puzzles Y6, Here is a selection I think you will enjoy. You also need to work through the lessons on Area and Perimeter at the bottom of the page if you haven't done so already. This term I would like you to focus on the lessons on Converting Units and Statistics. Don't forget if you get stuck you can always go to MyMaths for extra practice.

Follow the links below to find a whole host of interactive games and puzzles.

Age 7 - 11


Age 11 - 14



Have a go at one of my favourite puzzles: Leapfrog



If you liked the Leapfrog Investigation why not try out more by looking at http://www.primaryhomeworkhelp.co.uk/maths/index.html
Why not try this bumper book of summer themed maths activities. Just download the PDF. I have included the answer booklet, but no peeking!

White Rose Learning


I hope some of you have been using this link to keep up to date with your maths learning. It is really good.


I know how much you have been working on your math. Now you can put all that you've practised into solving these mysteries. Answers at the end, no peeking. Enjoy!

Other math skills to practise. Each has a PowerPoint and a PDF. The PDFs are the worksheets to accompany the PowerPoints that you can print off. There are three levels Bronze, Silver and Gold so find the level that gives you a bit of a challenge.
Just for fun!