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Maths Puzzles

Dart Board Maths
These challenging Maths puzzles will help you develop a variety of Maths skills. And if you
finish all the questions on the sheets, why not play your own version to see how many points you
can score!
Caveman Conundrum
Great for developing your reasoning skills, this puzzling problem will challenge you to work out
how to place each number from 1 to 9 so that the two stones below always equal the value of the
stone directly above it.
Big Numbers Puzzle
A perfect activity for checking your understanding of place value of large numbers. You will
need to read numbers written in words in the crossword clues and translate this to digits in the grid.
Vowel-less Maths Puzzles
This tricky challenges will help reinforce your  understanding of mathematical vocabulary.
Each word has all the vowels taken out: can you work out what the maths word is by putting
the vowels back in?
Take One Number
There are three different levels of challenge for this activity, depending on how confident you are. Choose  any two-, three- or four-digit number and challenge yourself to answer each of the questions about it. This activity can be repeated with a variety of different numbers.