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Updated 1st July 2020


Learn about duration, tempo and Beethoven with Bitesize. 

Updated 17th June 2020


Join Oak National Academy's lesson on pulse and rhythm. In this lesson we will sing and clap to the pulse and rhythm of a variety of different musical examples.


Updated 3rd June 2020


Musical Instruments - What am I?


This fun and interactive musical instrument quiz is a great way to re-cap your music learning. 

Simply reveal the clues one by one by clicking on the musical notes.

Then see if you can match the clues to the right instrument.

How many will you get right?

The quiz includes 10 different musical instruments with three clues for each.


Updated 12th May 2020


This Music lesson from BBC Bitesize is all about singing with feeling. You will learn more about melody and pitch as well as how to use expression when singing. There are some great videos with music from Bob Marley, Nina Simone and a choir performance. 

Enjoy singing!