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Numbers Count

* Please note: we do not have a Numbers Count programme running for this academic year*

Investigating multiplication with pictorial representations, arrays and repetitive addition on a number line

Welcome to the Numbers Count page. 


My name is Mrs Marin and I am the Numbers Count Teacher for Coley Primary School.  Keep on reading if you want to learn about the fabulous work we do to improve children's mathematical skills. 


What is Numbers Count?  

Numbers Count is is part of the national Every Child Counts Programme and it's dedicated to improving children’s mathematical skills.  


If children are working at a level below their classmates, they might be selected for the Number Counts Programme.  This means that they will receive intensive 1 to-1 or very small group support from a specially trained Numbers Count teacher.  As a teacher, I will aim to accelerate children's learning so that they can work much closer to the level of their class.  Numbers Count will focus on improving your child’s mathematical skills but will also help them to develop ways of learning that will help in all subjects.   



Exploring Place Value and Number Pairs with a variety of equipment

Numbers Count encourages concrete experiences of number

What is it like?

The programme is different for every child. The teaching is specially designed and delivered to meet children's individual needs.

A Numbers Count programme usually lasts for about one term. Children will receive a 30-minute lesson 3, 4 or 5 days a week. The time slot of each lesson is varied throughout the week to ensure the least disruption to their class work.

The lesson takes place in a special Numbers Count area. It is highly interactive and practical. I will be helping your child to develop mathematical vocabulary and to talk about how they do mathematics.

Your child will still have a daily mathematics lesson with their class teacher, and we will endeavour to work in collaboration to plan your child’s work for Numbers Count and for class-based lessons.

At the start and end of the programme, children receive a short test to record where children are at and subsequently to measure their progress.  Daily observations of children during their series of lessons helps the teacher find out about how they learn mathematics and how to best tailor lessons which are bespoke to children's learning needs.  

We have been exploring number pairs to 10

The role of parents and carers

Before your child starts Numbers Count, you will be invited to meet the Numbers Count teacher. This is to explain the programme and to find out more about why your child has been chosen.  There will also be a discussion of your role in getting your child to school on time every day and supporting your child’s homework.

When your child has started Numbers Count, they will sometimes bring home a mathematics activity to practise what they have learned. You will be asked to help them to do the activity and to talk about it.

Later on, you will be invited to watch your child having a Numbers Count lesson. This will give you a chance to see how much they have learned and how they are being taught.