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Real PE 


Real PE at home includes an online programme which supports families to be active, play and learn together. It includes a programme specifically for children in Early Years and Key Stage 1 with 12 themes, over 250 activities and challenges and 1000s of hours of fun and activity. This programme is also great for family play and fun.


You will need a login and password from school to access this, your parents should receive a text message providing the details you require. 


Here is the website to find the different resources, you should recognise some activities from your PE lessons!  home.jasmineactive.com

There are also competitions which you and your family can participate in and will in with a chance to win prizes from Real PE. More information on this can be found in the user guide - the user guide will also explain how you can adapt the PE lessons for home learning and what you can use instead of PE equipment: 



Have a go at as many of the activities for Key Stage 1 as you want - you can start on Day 1 or choose some activities you are interested in. Here are a few fun activities you can look for when you are logged in:


Have fun!



Disney 10 Minute Shakeups- Click Here 

10-minute activities based on Disney films that count towards a child’s 60 active minutes per day.



Indoor games to do at home


This is an extensive selection of games that parents can do at home with their kids.  It includes ideas for paper and pencil games, building, card games, puzzles, freeze, paper bag skits, indoor hopscotch to name a few.  Have a look, I am sure you will find something that you'd love to do. 

PE with Joe Wicks - Click Here

Start your morning with some fabulous exercise with Joe Wicks


Choose some activities every day, read, relax, explore in the garden, cook with your grown up, jump, run and keep fit.  

Here is a link to get active 

Get active with your family! Choose a supermovers activity. Learn a dance routine or pretend to be a character on a computer game.