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Photos of our learning adventures

Making fancy hats

Some of us decided that we wanted to look a bit fancy today so we made beautiful hat bands! We used feathers, sticky foam shapes and tiny gems. We had to work really hard to peel the gems and foam shapes away from their backing paper. It helped the muscles in our hands get stronger which will help us hold a pencil properly when we learn to write.

We also had to concentrate really hard because it was so fiddley. We were very proud of the results though!

Ice art

It was so cold outside that any water in our garden froze! We decided to make art by putting pieces of fruit and vegetables and evergreen leaves into trays and bowls of water. We left it all over night and checked on it the following day. We couldn't believe our eyes!! All the water had frozen and we were able to hold it in our hands. Our ice art looked so beautiful!

Bread making part 2

We enjoyed making bread so much last time that we asked our teachers if we could make some more! We think it might have been even more tasty this time and it smelled delicious!! We are becoming expert bakers!

Party time!

We celebrated the end of a fantastic term by having a big party! We made our own place mats and had lots of delicious food and we all danced together! We can't wait to see what adventures await us all in the New Year!!

Frost, ice and long shadows!

We wrapped up and went outside to explore the frosty playground. We noticed that all the water in the tyres had frozen solid and turned to ice! We felt it with our fingers. It was really cold and so smooth and slippery. We made handprints on the frosty ground by putting our hand on the ice while we counted to 3. When we lifted up our hands, our handprint was left in the ice! We broke the ice with our feet and then pushed it down the ramp. It slid down so quickly because it was so slippery! We noticed that our shadows were really long today too.


Our lovely friend Sue Humphries came to work with us on hibernation. We collected lots of leaves from outside and Sue brought lots in from her garden too. We explored the leaves and hibernated just like real animals do. It felt very warm and cosy. We nearly fell asleep. We pretended to be squirrels, hedgehogs and mice.


Clay hedgehog work

We looked at the work of a famous artist called Anthony Gormley. He made 40,000 people from clay and put them in a room all together. He called his installation 'The Field'.

We worked with clay too, but we made hedgehogs instead of people to tie in with the work we were doing on Autumn and hibernation. We went outside with our hedgehogs and took them to the field. We whispered our names to them and some of them were even brave enough to whisper their names back to us!

Then we found a safe space for them and carefully placed them down amongst the leaves. They were very happy to be outside in the sunshine!

Making Bread- We all had a go at making bread this week! We had a look at the recipe. The ingredients we used were...Flour, warm water, sugar, salt, oil and yeast. We mixed all the ingredients together in a bowl and put the mixture into the bread maker. It took a long time for the bread to cook but it was worth the wait. The bread was delicious!

Planting- We love planting and learning about how things grow. Did you know that we have apple trees and strawberry plants in our nursery! We are also going to be planting potatoes and carrots as well as some herbs so we soon be able to eat the food we grow at snack time! We love finding out where our food comes from!

Making sweets for Diwali- We made sweets to celebrate Diwali. We used lots of sprinkles and decorations to make them look really pretty. We rolled the ingredients into little balls and popped them into cupcake cases. They tasted so yummy!

Pumpkin Soup- We made pumpkin soup. We all had a go at cutting the pumpkin into small bite sized pieces and we added some chopped onion, a vegetable stock cube, a few carrots and a tiny bit of salt. When it was cooking it made our classroom smell delicious! We all had a taste by dipping in some bread and eating it. It was so tasty!

Learning bags- We have decorated our learning bags! We used pastels to draw a picture on the front and they look really beautiful. We counted 10 beads and threaded them onto a string. We then tied them onto our learning bags so we can practise counting when we get home.