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Rainforest Activities

Visit https://www.rainforest-alliance.org/kids and have fun while learning about rainforests and the people and the wildlife that call them home.


More ideas:

1. Gather pebbles and paint rainforest animal patterns on them.

2. Search for leaves and identify them.

3. Create some bark-rubbing art.

4. Play rainforest themed 'Who am I?'

5. Grow some plants. (That's something I have been doing)

6. Create 'animal tracks' by drawing, printing or making imprints in the mud. (Don't get too messy or your parents won't be too happy!)

7. Create a life-cycle mobile.

8. Make up some animal yoga positions like the cobra. Even better if you can get someone to take a picture of it and put it on the blog.

9. Imagine you have discovered a new rainforest animal or plant. Draw or write about it.

10. Gather and paint leaves to create some leaf-printing pictures.