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Reading Comprehensions

Sunday 12th July 

 New story to read and activities to go with it. I know how much some of you enjoy Project X and the space adventure stories so this one should interest you. 


It looks like there are lots of sheets but some of the sheets are the same - there is a screen friendly version so you can work easily on the computer and a print friendly version in case you want to print off the sheet and work in pencil.

Sunday 5th July 


A mix of different reading comprehensions on a range of different topics. See what you can learn. 

Sunday 28th June


A new text to read and activities that support your reading. Follow the link on the activity sheet and there is a teacher who reads the text along with you. In the video it will also show you the words and pictures, so you can read along. 

Saturday 20th June 


Sticking with the thunderstorm theme a 60 second read to try and some other storm themed reading comprehensions. 

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief 


Read the extract and then try the questions. 

Friday 12th June 


Try the BBC Bitesize lesson on inference. We talk a lot about 'show don't tell' in our writing. Inference is when we read and think about how an author has used 'show don't tell' to hint and give clues about how characters are feeling, what they might be thinking and the choices for their actions. It is also when the author has given us some information and we can use those hints to fill in other possible pieces of information that they haven't given. 


Watch the video and try the activities. 



Sunday 31st May


Some new comprehensions to work on. 

Retrieval and Inference