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Reading Comprehension


I have added a few more themed topics for you to try. Check out the Stage 6 -  Football History and find out all about Pickles. Want to try something different? Scroll to the bottom of the page and you will find Song Lyric Comprehension. 


There are two themed topics of Reading Comprehensions for you to try. Every comprehension focuses on a different Reading Skill - 








VIPERS - I've included a question stem sheet that your parents might want to use if at any point you are reading a book together.


As well as a Reading skill to focus on there will be about 5 -6 questions from the VIPERS. Answers are at the end but no CHEATING!

Stage 5
Stage 6

Too challenging? Try these...

Stage 4

Want something different to try?

Try out your reading comprehension based on real songs. Use the links to listen and download the lyrics and question and answer booklets. Read the lyrics, listen to the songs then answer questions based on key reading skills. You do not need to answer all the questions in one day. Practise one Key Reading Skill every day.


Key Reading Skills
C -  Explain the meaning of words in context using clues / evidence (2a)
RR -  Retrieve and record information and key details (2b)
S - Summarise main ideas from a paragraph or whole text (2c)
INF - Make inferences and justify them using evidence from the text (2d)