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Avast ye Reception       wink                                                                      19/05/2020


How are you all me hearties?

It has been lovely to speak to so many of you on the phone this week. It sounds like you are all doing a great job of keeping busy and helping your grown ups! Mrs Smith, Miss Orde-Hume and I are incredibly proud of you all heart


I have posted a new challenge sheet below, all about Pirates. 

Shiver me timbers! This is a personal favourite of mine. Pirates are so interesting and exciting.

Have you read any pirate stories before? 

Have a go at some of the activities and remember you can share your work with me on the blog: http://reception2019.coleyblog.net/hello-from-home/


Have a fun filled week and ahoy!


Miss Pegleg Pentland laugh





While you are at home, play is the best learning opportunity you can provide your Reception child. Children learn so much from play. It helps to improve language, social skills, physical development, creativity and problem solving abilities. Play does not need expensive toys and lots of space. A few old boxes and blankets can provide lots of great play opportunities. For example;

Lego/construction- develops fine motor skills, problem solving and reasoning, pattern, shape, imagination and language.

Making a den- develops gross motor skills, imagination, language, size and capacity, critical thinking.

Acting out favourite stories- develops imagination, listening and communication skills, social cues, reading, writing and confidence.

Children love to watch and learn from their significant adult so letting them join in with some daily activities like cleaning and cooking can be hugely beneficial to their development.

Please find a link here from the NHS explaining the importance of play for young children: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/pregnancy-and-baby/why-play-is-important/




Home Learning Grid- A range of activities to do at home with your child

Twinkl have some great free resources and home learning packs for parents