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Relationships - Our Special People

Relationships: Our Special People — KS1-2 home learning lessons

These home learning packs on ‘special people’ focus on the positive ways that people care for one another, especially in families and friendships. They encourage pupils to consider the most important aspects of maintaining positive relationships and reflect on how this can be challenging at times of change or uncertainty.


These lessons are particularly useful for home learning at the moment — while many young people are unable to see the friends and family they are used to seeing often in face-face situations. Pupils are supported to talk about close relationships, recognise how their special people care for them and show how they too can care for others. They also encourage pupils to express worries about missing friends and family, and consider some positive ways to manage these feelings.

In the key stage 1 lesson pupils learn to:

  • identify people who are special to them.
  • explain what makes them special and why they are important to them.
  • describe how their special people care for them.
  • recognise how they can show they care for their special people too.


In the key stage 2 lesson pupils learn to

  • identify the qualities of positive friendships and family relationships.
  • explain how friends and family show they value and care for each other.
  • describe what is most important in a friendship or family relationship.
  • recognise that friendships and family relationships may change for different reasons and how to manage this.