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Saturday 20th June 

After 3 thunderstorms last week I wondered if you knew much about how thunder and lighting happen. 


Check out the links below to find out. 

Once you know could you:

Design a poster?

Write an explanation text?





There are lots of videos and activities for different natural world topics on...



A parent will need to create an account. It is free to join and at the moment lots of the courses are free to support you with learning at home. 


Let me know how you get on if you sign up. I am thinking of trying some at the weekends with my family. 

Tuesday 19th May 


Have a look at the section on teeth. What do you remember?

You could also make a poster about the different types of teeth and what they are for. 

You can write a set of instructions about how to brush your teeth. 

Write about what happens at the dentist - perhaps an explanation to reassure younger children. 

Try exploring the Science Museum. There are apps and games and suggestions for home as well as virtual tours. 

Education City has released some free resources for science learning. 


Follow the link to try the unit below. 


Year 3 - Shadows Through the Day 

Year 4 - Protecting the Environment 

Year 4 - Types of Teeth 



Food Chains and Habitats

Find out about food chains and habitats on BBC Bitesize




or  use the DK website



Can you draw out a food chain of your own?


Can you pick an animal and design a habitat for it? What will it need to make sure it is happy and well?




You could revise our digestion and teeth topic. 


Use the BBC Bitesize videos to help




and the DK website is also very good 




Can you still name the five major organs involved in the digestive system?

Could you write an explanation text about digestion? 



States of Matter

Explore solids, liquids and gases. 

BBC Bitesize 



and the DK website 



Can you make a poster to explain what solid, liquid and gases are?

Explore around your home - what solids, liquids and gases can you find? Make a list of them.