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Sunday 12th July


BBC Bitesize has a fronted adverbial revision lesson - definitely something to check out as this is one of our objective we have worked hard on this year. 



Sunday 5th July 


A bit like the maths mysteries that I know you enjoy but a SPaG mystery instead. 

Saturday 20th June 


Play the game below to revise when to use capital letters - funny how often they can be left out. A quick and easy game to remind you of the rules that you should use in your writing. 



Apostrophes - those tricky beasts. 


We use apostrophes in contractions. Follow the link - watch the video and then try the activities. 




We use apostrophes to show possession in a sentence. In other words, what belongs to whom. Again watch the video and then try the activities. 




Want to work unplugged use the resources below to help you. 

Spot the verbs and make it quick. 



Explain to someone else what a verb is. 

Inverted Commas - writing speech and using speech marks correctly. 


Follow the link to BBC Bitesize - there is a learning video and activities to try. 



Practise using there, their or they're. All these words sound the same - homophones - but we must choose the correct one for different sentences. 


there - 'here, there and everywhere'  - talking about place

their - belongs to someone

they're - contraction for they are. 




Friday 12th June


Here are some games to try this week looking at different parts of grammar. 




Sunday 7th June


I have put the answers to the Grammar Hammer Sheets I posted last on so you can check your work. Remember they are really to try one a week.  


I will post new Grammar Hammer Sheets next week. 


I have included work on pronouns this week. There are two presentations one talking about pronouns and the other about possessive pronouns. Go through the presentation before trying the worksheets. 




Have a look at this Power Point to help remind you of how to accurately punctuate direct speech. 

Can you write a conversation between two characters?

Punctuation and Grammar ideas. 


Some great free resources on Education City - check these out 




Grammar Challenge Cards added below - New Sunday 31st May

Remember that Spelling Frame has all the spelling we need to learn and practice set out by Year group. Click on the Spelling Tiles option and Practice /Test options as these are free for everyone

The other games need a subscription and we don't subscribe as a school. 



There are more traditional ways to learn your spelling too. Below are the homework activities that we use to practice spellings so you could always do these. I have included the Year 1 and 2 and Year 3 and 4 word lists below so you can always practice some of these each week. Practice 6 - 10 spellings at a time. Maybe someone could test you at the end of the week? 


New Sunday 31st May