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Sunday 12th July 


I know that lots of you enjoy music and singing. Check out this Bitesize lesson about Florence Price. Really interesting and some fun activities to try. 



I think some of you may have already used the DK site to support your science learning but actually it has a huge amount of information on all sorts of things. Here is the home page link. On the top left there is an orange box that say subjects. You click on that and can explore from there. Happy learning. 

What about some museum research. 


Try the Ashmolean and explore some of their treasures. 

The Alfred Jewel - this is a Saxon artefact. 


There are so many to choose from Egyptian, Greek. Things from all over the world. 


You could make a poster about an object that you were interested in. Maybe a fact file. Try drawing or painting it. 

Take a virtual tour around the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford 

Explore around the museum. What objects catch your attention? Could you write a story about one of them? Try making them out of junk modelling?

The Natural History Museum 


Try a virtual tour. There are some brilliant options. Pick a tour and after...

What will you find out about? Can you create a poster? Fact file? Information leaflet? 

The Science Museum 


Virtual tours, games and suggestions from home. 

The British Museum 

If you enjoy history there are all sorts of things to explore here. 

Try Room 23 which is Greeks and Romans. 

I know that lots of you have Lego at home. Check out these challenges. What can you create?

Lego Challenges

Miss Hathaway introduced us all the importance of being safe online. Follow the link and try the activities ages 5 - 8 as this covers our online safety curriculum.






Adventures at Home 


Below are the activities that have been released by the Girl Guiding Association. Don't be put off that it says Girl Guides they are just as much fun for boys. You may need a grown-up to help with a few of these.