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Neil Amstrong 

Find out about the extraordinary life and achievements of Neil Amstrong. Use the following websites and links to find out more about him, his life, his interests and what made him famous. 


National Geographic - Click Here 

The Moon Walker - Click Here


Moon Landing - Click Here 



Join Nasa to learn about Weather and Climate through games. 

Weather Games

BBC Geography - Choose 7-9 year olds.


You could compare the weather in two different countries by being a forecaster and looking at their temperature, whether is sunny, rainy, windy, mixed, rainy with sunny spells, foggy, etc.  Look on the BBC Weather Forecast Site and type Reading and another non-European Country to compare. 

Write your own little forecasts. 


Make your own Forecasters Symbols for a map to tell the weather.

Look at the different habitats animals live in all round the globe.  Why can't polar bears live in a desert? 

Here are some videos to learn more about habitats

Choose an animal and explore why they are suited to that habitat.  How do they adapt, camouflage, how does it sustain their needs, etc? Make an information leaflet about that animal and their habitat.  You could print out photos, draw your own pictures and even draw a food chain!


Rain Forest Facts - National Geographic for Kids


Explore Habitats with the National Geographic including Field Work