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Get creative with a range of writing ideas. Aim to complete at least one writing activity each week. You need to take time to plan your writing, write your text and then re-read to edit and improve. This make take you several sessions over the week. 


  1. Plan your writing using the ideas prompts given. Remember you only need to jot down ideas. You do not need full sentences.
  2. Use the Top Tips to help you for different types of texts.
  3. Use the writing checklist; remember you do not need to use everything on the list to be a successful writer.
  4. Read through your work. Remember to check your spelling, punctuation and grammar and neatly correct any errors.

Other ideas for writing


There is a different picture everyday with suggested writing activities. You should read the story starter first, then have a go at editing the ‘sick sentences’ and the sentence challenge to get you thinking creatively. After this, you can have a go at finishing the story.