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Welcome to our home learning page

Hello lovely people! We are nearly at the end of term now and hope that you have been enjoying lots of the learning activities on this page. Please continue to carry on with your learning over the summer holidays. As we have said before, just a few minutes practising your reading and phonics every day mixed with a bit of maths will keep those clever brains ticking over and all ready for year 2!! How exciting!!


We all follow a maths scheme called White Rose and every week they are putting up some fabulous lessons to follow. Have a look at this link. It's all about fractions!


Cloud gazing. Have a go at this fun activity! You can do it almost anywhere!

Bring your stories to life!

I'm sure we are all enjoying a bit of online gaming at the moment. Here is a really helpful link with activities to help us enjoy online gaming safely.




Hello everyone! We hope you are all well and enjoying the sunshine. It definitely makes it easier to get some fresh air!

Mrs Forrester's chicks are growing really fast now and Mrs Faulkner has a new puppy called Murphy. He is a bit cheeky but great fun!

We have added a few more activities to our home learning page to keep you all busy. Please keep practising your phonics and your number work as well.


Here is a transition activity to help you prepare your exciting move from year 1 to year 2!

Reading and writing activities

Maths activities

Have a go at these fun maths activities!


How to press flowers

Outdoor scavenger hunt

9th June 2020


Exciting news in Mrs Forrester's family !!! Beatrice (Snowy's friend) has just hatched 6 chicks (one is hiding in Snowy's feathers! Beatrice is teaching them to eat, drink, preen themselves and forage for insects in the grass. She is a very good mummy!

Could you draw a picture of a chick and maybe give it a name? You could even take a photo and put it on our class blog for all your friends to see !!!


Still image for this video
Here is a video with Mrs Forrester in her garden with the latest additions to her beautiful family of chickens.
We would love you to think of some questions you would like to ask Mrs Forrester. You could post them on the blog or email them to Mrs Marin. We will try to answer them as soon as possible.

Mrs Marin


Still image for this video

29th May 2020


Hello lovely Pumpkins!

We hope you are all well and enjoying the sunshine!

We have really enjoyed reading your blogs and would love everyone to have a go if you can. Have a look at what your friends have posted and remember to add a comment. Click on the rainbow below to remind you how to blogsmiley

We have added some more activities below for you to have some fun with, but remember to keep using the Home learning packs we gave you, as they have really fabulous activities and games to help you with your learning. 

Remember that BBC Bitesize have some great lessons too!

Have a go at these common exception word activity sheets!

Have a chat with your grown up and see if you have any sugar, flour, jam or flour. Practise writing the words in the food before you do the sheet. Have a go at writing in pen, pencil or chalk too. You could even use a stick in the mud if you can get outside. smiley

Grow your own cress heads.

Have a go at growing your very own cress head! They grow so quickly. Please take a photo and put it on our blog. Make sure you give them a name!! laugh
If you manage to go outside, have a go at this activity!



We have been looking at lots of online resources to help you have fun with your learning. Our favourite at the moment is the BBC Bitesize. It covers all areas of the curriculum and has short, fun lessons to enjoy.

Just google BBC Bitesize KS1, or follow the link below.



PHONICS. Please remember to read and practise your phonics EVERY DAY. We have found a great phonics program to reinforce the phonics and it looks great fun!! - Click here youtube - Ruth Miskin training

All Pumpkin class have covered sets 1 and 2 sounds and are currently working on set 3. There are plenty of lessons for all the stages. 


Here is a link to a website that we often use to make our learning even more exciting. We understand that you won't be able to go outside as much as you would like but many of these activities can be done inside, in a garden or on a daily exercise walk. It's always best to learn using all your senses so why not give some of these a go? At the moment our favourite activity is the A to Z journey. We also love the teddy bear assault course!


5th May 2020 - BREAKING NEWS!!!

Click on the Science Button below and find out which new friends have joined our little Coley Zoo!

Book Scavenger Hunt

MATHS. We have found a great song to help the children remember their number bonds to 10 OFF BY HEART !!!

Click here to go to 'Numberblocks 10 again.'

Have Fun !!

The Oakwood Academy Lessons for all subjects for all year groups - Click Here

Simply click on the Year 1 button under subjects and then click on English.  There are 5 lessons per week with 2 weeks worth of lessons in this section already. 

The video explains all of the resources you need to complete the lesson with a teacher guiding children through the different activities. The lessons follow the same structure every day with a phonic/spelling part, comprehension and writing.  

Disney 10 Minute Shakeups- Click Here 

10-minute activities based on Disney films that count towards a child’s 60 active minutes per day.

Your child will be bringing an exciting home learning pack back with them today. This is full of fun and educational activities that the Y1 team have developed to support your children with their home learning.

If your child is not in school, and if you are able to, please could you pop in to school to collect your child's pack, or ask another parent to collect it for you.

The children will be bringing their homework books back with them today and there are lots of great activities in their homework grids that they can do.

(There is a link to the homework grid at the bottom of this page.)



MyMaths.  All the children should have login details for this fabulous website - Practice number work, shape, space, measure and time!


This is a great counting song, and wonderful exercise too !!

Count to 100 song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0TgLtF3PMOc

Practice your Addition facts

Choose 5 addition facts from the grid on the next page to practise each day.

Start by practising the green and blue facts first.

Spend 5 minutes each day practising your number bonds to 10 and to 20.

Link to a website for practising your numberbonds:



Maths Games

Choose a maths game to play each day.

Have a go at inventing your own maths game.

Link to a blog on maths games:



One more and one less

Get some raisins, grapes, cereal pieces. Place some on a plate. If the grown up with you says ‘one more’, add one more and say what number you have now. If they say ‘one less’, eat one and count how many you have left.

Ask a grown up to give you some toys. Count how many you have. Can you put out another group of toys so you have one more and then one less?

Build a tower with bricks. Can you build another tower with one more brick? Can you build another with one less brick?



Make your own tens frames or print some off the internet and use counters, or anything you can find to use instead of counters (raisins, grapes, cereal pieces etc…..). Choose 2 numbers 1-digit numbers to add together , e.g. 7 + 5. On your tens frame set out 7 on one thing, e.g. raisins and then add another 5 of something else e.g. cereal pieces. Have you filled a tens frame? How many are in the next tens frame? What is your answer? Try this adding different numbers. You can also draw them out.

Link to video on using tens frames to add  (2nd activity on video)




Use your tens frames and counters from the addition activity to practise subtracting. Make the first number using the tens frame and subtract the number of counters/ pieces to work out how many you now have. Try it with different numbers.

Watch the 3rd activity on the video:



Number bonds to 10

Practise your number bonds to 10 by playing the ‘Total of 10’ card game

Can you think of any new rules for playing this game?

Link to the ‘Total of 10’ card game:




Represent different numbers

Make your own tens frames or print some off the internet and use counters, or anything you can find to use instead of counters (raisins, grapes, cereal pieces etc…..) Start by using one tens frame to make numbers up to 10, then use a second tens frame to show numbers up to 20. You can also draw them out.

Link to video on using tens frames and counters to make numbers (see 2nd activity)



Fractions of shapes

Find things you can cut into halves and quarters, e.g a pizza, a cake, an apple.

Ask your grown up to draw some circles on a page. Can you split them into halves and quarters?

Link to video on fractions of shapes:



Time to o’clock and half past

Ask your grown up to draw a number line from 1-12 and cut out an arrow (this will be your hour hand). Each number represents an hour on the clock, so if the arrow points to 1 it is showing 1 o’clock. Position your arrow on different numbers and read out the time. Then put your arrow half way between 2 numbers. This represents half past, so if your arrow is half way between 2 and 3, it is half past 3.

Next draw a round clock and do the same with just one hand. Once you are happy telling the time with one hand, you can make a 2nd longer hand. This is your minute hand. Where should it point for o’clock? Where should it point for half past?


Link to video on telling the time to o’clock and half past:




Follow a recipe to bake some biscuits or cakes. Can you weigh out all the ingredients yourself?

Find food in your kitchen, such as a tin of beans. Can you find something which is heavier and something which is lighter?



Ask your group up for some money. Can you identify all the coins?

Can you make 10p? Can you find a different way to make 10p, using different coins? Try this for different amounts of money



Find something in your house you could use to measure with. They all need to be the same size e.g. counters, lego bricks, paper clips etc…. Choose different objects, such as a pen or book. Estimate how many counters etc… long it will be and then use them to measure what it actually is. Can you find different things round your house which are longer/shorter.



Make sure you are reading for a minimum of 20 mins a day. Write a little comment in your reading journal about the book you've read. 


Read an ebook or have it read to you

Choose a level, an area of interest and then a book.  Look out! Some can be read to you too.  There are also some fun videos to watch.  Remember always ask an adult to help you and supervise you on the internet.



Oxford Owl Ebooks to Read







Extensive library of Ebooks

A large library of books ready to download onto PDF form and read on line. 

Twinkl also have some great free resources and home learning packs for parents 


Here is a link to get active 

Get active with your family! Choose a supermovers activity. Learn a dance routine or pretend to be a character on a computer game. 

Here is this term's homework grid case you don't have a copy.