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Year 4

Sunday 31st May 


Hello Year 4 


How can it be June already?

The sun is shining, the birds are singing and my pea and corn plants are growing, growing, growing!


I hope that you have been enjoying the sunshine, getting out in the garden or going for a walk. 


New activities for the week under the stars. An adventure theme for writing this week. 


Remember you can keep in touch using the blog and remember you don't have to have you login in to post. You can use the Hello From Home option instead. Just remember to sign the end of your message so I know who it's from :) 


Enjoy the lovely weather and take care. 


Mrs Moore



Oak National Academy have lessons that connect to our curriculum.

There are English, Maths and PE lessons. Under Foundation is a mix of topic lessons to try. 




The different lessons come with quizzes, activities and teaching videos.