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Year 4

Sunday 12th July


Hello Year 4 

Did you try some digital detox last week - how did it go?


This weekend we went for a picnic and we  picked the first blackberries of the season. Blackberries are a real favourite of mine. I baked blackberry muffins yesterday - delicious. 


I have been out walking to try and keep up my exercise as well as riding my bike to school. It wasn't much fun on the bike when it rained on Thursday. I was so wet by the time I got home I had to ask Mr Moore to fetch me a towel to dry myself off a bit at the front door, my face was literally dripping, it was like I had just come out of the swimming pool! Hope you weren't caught in it. 


New work all posted for you under the stars. There are new art and French lessons this week and under interest activities I have posted a music lesson that I thought you would enjoy. 


Take care and hope to hear from you soon


Mrs Moore 



Absolutely check out the Summer Reading Challenge - all the information is posted under a star on the Home Learning page. They are such good fun and every year is a different theme. This year is it all about being silly and funny! Whoo!


If you would like a structure to follow Classroom Secrets have a suggested timetable for each day and a good variety of lessons. You could just follow the morning lessons or choose your own English and maths in the morning and then use their afternoon suggestions.