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Year 6


Hi Year 6, I can't believe it is July already. June passed by so quickly. I have been busy working at home on the curriculum for next year, but you are never far from my thoughts. I managed to speak to some of you, hopefully I will get the chance to speak to some more of you next week, to find out how you are getting on.


I know some of you are having transition days with your secondary school, whether this is a visit or remotely through TEAMS. It is a very exciting time, moving on, but also can be a little scary. I have put some transition to secondary school materials below and some links to a few websites for you to explore. They may help you feel more confident, but I'm sure your secondary school will be able to help with any worries you may have. You can also email me or use the Worry Box on the school website.


I am very excited to see you all on the last day, hopefully you will be able to make the picnic. It would be great for us all to meet up to say a proper goodbye, even if it is from a distance. Keep well.


I can't believe it is June already. This is just a quick hello Y6, hope you are all keeping well. I have just finished your school reports and have spent today organising new resources for the Home Learning Page and I have some fantastic ideas to keep you busy whether you are returning to school or remaining at home, to continue your learning. It will probably take me all night and most of tomorrow to sort through it all and get it up on the page. I will let you know when it is there, even I am getting excited by some of the stuff. Some of you have sent a blog post, it would be nice to see more, as I do really miss you, believe it or not! In the meantime, check out some of these fun learning ideas:


and if you are fed up with screen time - check out these 25 simple and fun non-screen activities:




I wasn't wrong when I said it would take me all day and all night, I can't believe its 5pm and I am only just finishing the updates. I think you will enjoy the vast array of activities. Remember I do not expect you to complete everything on the page, there is a variety to give you an element of choice. However, it would be good for you to aim to complete the English and Maths work set along with some Reading Comprehension to keep your reading, writing and maths skills up to date, so you are well-prepared for secondary school. Make sure you have a look at what is new.

You will find: 

Reading ebooks - a great collection to choose from which can be downloaded onto tablets too

Song Lyric Comprehension including Thriller by Michael Jackson

Maths Puzzles and Investigations - I've included one of my favourites - Leapfrog

The Lady of Shalott and a selection of fun activities linked to Medieval Times

Updated art and craft ideas for the Rainforest and Mayans plus much, much more.



Don't forget that you can now access daily lessons on BBC Bitesize


Twinkl are also providing daily lessons which you can access at:


You might also want to check out the Oak National Academy - an online classroom


Another good place to find different daily activities is Classroom Secrets for kids. Follow the link below, scroll half way down the page, select the week and year group and you get a whole range of activities you can work through. You can go all the way back to the beginning of April.


Don't worry that the page looks slightly different. Everything that was on here, is still here. All the updates still contain all the links to the fabulous websites to help you with your home learning. 

Even though we are almost ten weeks now into lockdown, you might still be using some of the resources from this section. I am going to keep them on here so you can still access anything you need. Stay safe and look after yourselves and your family. Stay well and we hope to see you all very soon.


Mrs McIlwain and Ms Hathaway