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World Book Day 2024

World Book Day is a worldwide celebration of books and reading. This year the theme was 'Read Your Way'. The children had a fun-filled day and enjoyed wearing the clothes they find comfiest to read in or wearing a book character costume. We certainly had some wonderful costumes and some favourite stories shared.  

During the morning, each teacher went to a different class to share their favourite book. Can you guess what Miss Page's favourite book is?

Did you guess right?

What about Miss Hammond?

What about Miss Briggs and Mr Hill?

Now for a tricky one, what about Mr Hall? I think you can guess which character Mrs Hall was dressed as.

Did you guess right?

In the afternoon, we decided to have a Poetry Recital. Each class picked a poem to learn by heart and perform and we had some wonderful performances. As well as each class performing a poem, the children were asked to work together or individually select a poem that means something to them to perform. We were absolutely amazed by the response and in the end, we had to audition in each class to pick just three to perform to the whole school. We were even more amazed by those children who decided to write their own poems to perform. Well done to everyone who took part and for sharing your poems.



The Weather by Juniper (Year 1)

I always like the weather,

even if it rains

with big wet drops of water

on the window panes.


I always like the weather,

if it hails or is full of sun

but snow is my favourite

because snowmen are so fun!

I Wonder

A poem by William (Year 5)


I wonder what lies beyond the stars

In galaxies unknown, where mysteries are ours.

I wonder about the depths of the seas

Where creatures dwell in silent mystery.


I wonder about the stories untold

And how they make a character bold.

I wonder about the connections we share

That binds us with love and care.


I wonder about the future to come

And everything that we have done.

I wonder about the wonders of life

And how they fill my heart with love and strife.


So many wonders this world has to see

I wonder what wonders wait for me.

Year 5 were voted the winners with their performance of Gran, Can you Rap? by Jack Ousby. You can watch their performance by clicking the link below:

As you can see, a great time was had by all and our children have a great love for poetry. To find out more about how you can enjoy poetry at home, follow the links on our poetry page.