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March Visit

What an amazing time we had at the hospital today. First, Nurse Herring spoke to us about how some of the patients in hospital find it difficult to sleep. She asked, "What does a poor sleep cause?" After we had explored how a poor sleep might affect a patient, she then asked, "How does a good sleep help?" 

She also asked us to think about how we can help patients sleep. She then showed us the 'sleep packs' the hospital give to patients to try and help them sleep. In the pack, there was a knitted teddy bear, herbal tea, a wash bag, an eye mask to block out the bright lights, ear plugs to block out noise, cleanser, eye masks and information about how to access the hospital radio which lots of patient use and has a mindfulness programme to help with relaxation.


We made up some sleep packs and added a personal message from the Junior Carers.

We were really pleased to get the rest of our uniforms and fob watches.

Next, we went to the Medical Museum. A lovely volunteer called Richard took us on a tour and showed us lots of amazing artefacts including the first clock in the hospital, leeches, an iron lung and a key hole camera. We were fascinated and loved every minute of the tour and Richard told us lots of interesting facts. We also asked him lots and lots of questions...

After that, we went to the Radiology Department and met Gerald, a radiographer. He told us all about his job and diagnostic imaging and the qualifications you need to do a job like his. He then showed us a CT scanner and the images it creates and then a MRI scanner.