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February Visit

Today we met Rachel in the Trust Education Centre. To start the day we were asked if we could remember the different jobs, staff at the hospital had. We remembered a lot but finding them in the word search was quite challenging. Can you find them?

We were unsure what a phlebotomist did but Rachel explained that it a person who takes your blood when you go for a blood test or when people donate blood. 

Nurse Herring then spoke to us about knowing how to choose the right service. Did you know that around 500 people visit A and E every day and we learned that you should only visit the emergency department for very serious or life-threating situations. She told us about all the other services available, such as the pharmacy, GP surgery, walk-in/urgent care centre but also how we could help treat ourselves if we had a small graze or cut. We also found out about NHS 111 which you can call for health advice.

We then met Petronelle, who leads Resuscitation Training at the RBH. 

She showed us a video about CPR and taught us a mnemonic to remember the steps:



Shout for HELP!





She then demonstrated how to put a person in the recovery position and how to perform CPR. We then had a go at practising on the resuscitation dolls.

Mini Vinnie CPR English

Hands Only CPR

After lunch, we had to use a map of the hospital to find the Children's Clinic and the Children's Wards - Lion and Dolphin. To help us we asked the receptionist who guided us to Voluntary Services who told us which way to go. We had to look at the signage to give the hospital feedback on how helpful it was.