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Cailo Year 1

Beatrice Year 1

Euan Year 2

Adhityan Year 3

William Year 3

Eesha Year 4

Ruby Year 4

Vedya Year 5

Aveneesh Year 5

Venisha Year 6

Rishit Year 6

Stephanie Year 6

School Council Elections

Elections for new School Councillors will take place next year!

Being in the School Council is a serious job.

You would be one of the most important people in the school and you can help to make it a nicer place to be for pupils, teachers and other staff.

If you want to be a School Councillor you need to start thinking about your manifesto.

Here is an example:

Why would you make a good School Councillor?


How would you make Coley Primary an even better place to be?