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Therapeutic Intent Statement


"At Coley Primary School, our therapeutic room stands as a nurturing sanctuary for children facing challenges with their Social, Emotional, and Mental Health needs, a space where overwhelming classroom environments, adverse experiences, and individual needs are met with understanding and support. Our primary aim is to provide a holistic and tailored intervention space that fosters a sense of safety, calm, and growth for these children.

We are committed to empowering each child to reach their individual targets outlined in their Education, Health, and Care Plans (EHCP). For those without EHCPs, our goal is to ensure they progress toward meeting the Age-Related Expectations (ARE) by providing a tailored environment that supports their unique learning styles and social-emotional needs.

Through a combination of specialised therapeutic interventions, personalised strategies, and a supportive team of dedicated professionals, our therapeutic room is dedicated to fostering resilience, emotional regulation, and academic progress. By creating a safe haven where children can explore, learn, and grow, we aim to instil confidence, facilitate progress, and nurture a positive sense of well-being for every child who walks through its doors."

This intent statement encapsulates the primary objectives and the supportive, individualised approach of the therapeutic room in addressing the diverse needs of the children at Coley Primary School.