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Accelerated Reader (AR) is a whole-group reading management and monitoring programme that aims to motivate children to read, by guiding them to books that are just right for them and promoting rewards for their progress, Children can then build on their reading skills and enjoy reading, becoming confident, independent readers who read for pleasure.


AR is supported by scientifically-based research. An extensive body of research confirms the effectiveness of Accelerated Reader and best classroom practices in helping teachers dramatically improve children’s reading skills. The research consistently demonstrates that Accelerated Reader enables teachers to target instruction and accelerate reading growth for children of all ability levels. (In a recent study by the EEF with Year 7 children they found that children who were offered Accelerated Reader made 3 months’ additional progress in reading compared to other similar pupils. For pupils eligible for free school meals the figure was 5 months’ additional progress, in a 22-week period).


Accelerated Reader is not designed to teach reading skills or replace any other methods and/or reading in school. It supports and enhances reading practice. It is all about the practise. AR guides the children to read books at a difficulty level which is right for them, providing motivation and enjoyment, which leads to greater acquisition of reading skill.


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