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Welcome to another year of exploring!


Not all children will get the chance to go on holiday to visit different places but Geography can allow children to travel and experience the globe with out leaving school. One of our favourite ways to celebrate our learning about other countries is International day where each class has time to find out about their country and share what they found out with the rest of the school and its visitors.


Aside from learning about different countries, its people and its traditions we try to make sure children don't fall in to stereotyping by exploring the rich and poor and the modern and traditional and then comparing it to things we experience in our own lifetimes.


When researching other places and where we live we develop skills that allow children to explore any other places they may find interesting and encourage children to find out about endangered animals and other global issues we may be experiencing. This enables children to understand sustainability but also form opinions about how to make their own contribution to the environment. 


Children find learning about how to connect with the world and its people fascinating and can give children a chance to show their responsible side, for example we have a team of children who run a fruit composting scheme in school which recycles the younger children's snacks to compost that can be used in our own school gardens


Below, we have shared any Geography news from the national curriculum, but if you have any questions or wish to discuss something please feel free to ask Miss Rackley. Enjoy!


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