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At Coley Physical Education is a high priority as we aim for children to understand the importance of health and well-being and to enjoy being physical active and taking part in sports and games. We follow REAL PE as a scheme for PE lessons which allows teachers to include, challenge and support every child. We focus on the development of various skills including creative, cognitive, physical, health and fitness, social and personal. 


Through PE at Coley, we aim to offer children of all ages opportunities to promote their physical education, through an inclusive range of outdoor and indoor PE lessons, teaching of games and skills, and applying all we have learnt at out of school tournaments too.


Nursery and Foundation Stage:

In Reception and Nursery the aims are to improve the children’s gross and fine motor skills. Being active and making healthy lifestyle choices is also very important and is promoted through fun and engaging lessons.


Key Stage One:
Years 1 and 2 take part in a range of different activities such as dance, gymnastics, multi-skills, games and athletics. They are taught the basic skills required to access a range of games and use a range of equipment. In year 2 the children also get to participate in swimming lessons.


Key Stage Two:

In KS2 the children are developing the skills taught in KS1 and applying them to different situations and games such as: football, hockey, netball, tag rugby, cricket and rounders.


Further to this Reception and Year 1 attend a multi-skills festival each year that is brought to Coley specifically for them! Children in Year's 2-6 go out to other setting to take part in sports festivals with a specific focus, Year 3: Cricket, Year 4: Hockey, Year 5: Rugby and Year 6: Football.


If your child takes part in a sports club or activity, we would love to hear about it - please bring in pictures, certificates, medals and trophies to share your children successes and to celebrate their achievements!


Sports Day and KS2 Competitions

Sports Day and KS2 Competitions 1
Sports Day and KS2 Competitions 2
Sports Day and KS2 Competitions 3
Sports Day and KS2 Competitions 4
Sports Day and KS2 Competitions 5
Sports Day and KS2 Competitions 6
Sports Day and KS2 Competitions 7
Sports Day and KS2 Competitions 8