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Coley Primary's Vision and Intention for PE:

Coley Primary School is proud to be a Real Legacy school and is striving to create a new ambition for EVERY child. Real PE is an excellent scheme which is fully aligned to the aims of the National Curriculum and Ofsted requirements. It allows our teachers to provide a creative and engaging physical education for our children at Coley Primary. Not only are we on a mission to get our children more active by developing the fundamental movement skills, our PE lessons are centered around the child and enable them to be successful in the classroom and in later life. 


Progression of Skills

Throughout their time at Coley Primary, children will develop their fundamental movement skills focusing on agility, balance and co-ordination which are initially explored in Foundation Stage and built upon throughout every school year. This progression of skills is clearly demonstrated by Real PE's Progression of Fundamental Movement Skills document. Children should aim to reach the statements shown in the document by the end of each Key Stage, however teaching and learning can be adapted to support and challenge children depending on their needs. 


As well as the fundamental movement skills, children will also be learning through six main skills which encompass the National Curriculum for PE. Real PE bases their units of lessons on these six skills which are visited in every year group throughout the year; personal, social, cognitive, creative, physical and health & fitness. Each of these units allow the children to progress and reach end of key stage targets. See Real PE's Progression of Skills document below to show how these skills are translated into end of key stage targets.

We are also developing progression of the fundamental movement skills through Real Gym. These units of Real PE focus on a combination of shape, flight, balance, travel and rotation to explore the skills. The number in brackets represent the stage rather than age groups. 


Children at Coley Primary are encouraged to participate in competitive sport and other physically-demanding activities which enables them to succeed and excel. They are given opportunities for competition in lessons as well as intra-school and inter-school competitions. These develop the values of fairness and respect when competing and the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship.


In EYFS, there is a focus on routines and allowing children to build their understanding and practice of the fundamental skills of agility, balance and coordination. This is achieved through the use of stories, songs and games from Real Foundations and Real PE. The intent of focusing on agility, balance and coordination is continued from Year 1 to Year 6 as this follows Real PE with warm-ups, skill challenges, stories and games that cover fundamentals of PE. Alongside this, each year group also have a Real Dance and Real Gym unit as well as other topics including athletics in the summer term. Children from Foundation Stage to Key Stage 2 participate in a broad range of physical activities as well as opportunities including Bikeability and inter-school tournaments. in preparation and during the tournaments, pupils are able to develop their physical skills alongside developing teamwork skills and resilience. Children in Years 2-6 are also given the opportunity to participate in a Sports Festival with other schools. The tournaments currently include tag rugby, cricket and football. Children at Coley are engaged in competitive sports and are encouraged to lead healthy, active lives.



There is a positive impact of Real PE and the various opportunities for the children at Coley Primary as outlined in the Budget and Impact Report (in Sports Premium section of the website). Children are able to attend swimming lessons in Year 4 and 6. This allows them to develop new skills and build on these during their time in KS2. Children are becoming increasingly confident with swimming as they have more access to practising this skill while at Coley. 


The delivery of lessons following Real PE training and legacy workshops have additionally had a positive impact on Coley Primary in regards to teacher feedback and pupil engagement. Teachers and pupils have an increased understanding of skills explored in PE lessons (personal, social, cognitive, physical, creative and health & fitness) and pupils are beginning to relate these to their learning in other subjects. Teachers are able to use the range of physical and digital resources to engage their pupils and demonstrate the skills within lessons through the support of Jasmine (Real PE's online learning platform). Teachers have commented that pupil engagement and enjoyment has improved following the use of Real PE:

"Children really enjoy the games... they really enjoyed the footwork activities in Unit 1."

"Using Real PE ensures that the vast majority of children engage with the learning and work towards their own goals. I like how Jasmine promotes keeping active for everyone."


Children in Reception commented that they enjoy PE, they remembered making different shapes including star shapes as well as practising jumping.

Children in KS1 commented on trying the "yellow, green and red skills challenges". They are starting to recognise that this allows them to practise their agility, balance and coordination. The children were able to give examples of when they practised agility during a reaction/ response challenge. 

Children in KS2 commented on the different games they have played in PE and how these relate to skills. They also mentioned that they remember practising their balances and how they challenged themselves when balancing. Year 6 pupils discussed their learning and practise of swimming by explaining the different types of strokes as well as using 'sinkers', treading water and floating.

Children across school commented that they felt refreshed after PE lessons and it made them feel ready for the rest of the day. Children are developing their motor competence, understanding of rules and strategies in games as well as healthy participation.


Next steps:

We will continue to focus on the implementation and impact of PE at Coley Primary through our CPD alongside Real PE and aiming to promote a lifelong enthusiasm for physical activity as well as developing the six core skills across the wider curriculum. 

We will continue to review the Sports Premium budget spending and consider where opportunities can be provided for our children. 

A focus on promoting a healthy lifestyle, physical engagement and the importance of wellbeing will be a priority as we continue to consider ways to engage and support every child.



Sports Day and KS2 Competitions

If your child takes part in a sports club or activity, we would love to hear about it - please bring in pictures, certificates, medals and trophies to share successes and celebrate their achievements!


For more information on Real PE: https://jasmineactive.com/solutions/real-pe/