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Maths Club

Csenge, Year 6


Today was the first proper meeting of Maths Club. I came up with the idea three weeks ago and last week was the ‘planning session’ where we organised some groups so that learning could be easier. Years four, five and six were invited to join us during Tuesday and Thursday lunchtimes in the Purple Room to revise any mathematics that they wanted. The meetings started at ten to one and was run by some year six volunteers and supervised by Miss Hathaway.


I decided to make the club because I realised that many people in my class were struggling during maths lessons; I thought that other people might feel the same way so I made a club where they could come and practice. We do everything you need help with from percentages to long division to times tables to roman numerals. I wanted to help people feel more confident with their maths and so many people came that I feel like it has been a success.


We hope to see as many people here as possible and we would love it if you were one of them! If you would like anymore information, please contact me or Miss Hathaway.


IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Only years four, five and six are allowed to join. Thank-you for reading.