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Year 2 - Islam and Prayer Mats
Year 4 - Christianity and the 10 Commandments

Religious Education


We celebrate the cultural and religious diversity of our community. The children are given opportunity to learn about and from a range of world faiths at Coley Primary School.


Religious Education is concerned with learning about and from religion and at Coley Primary we will be learning about Christianity and the other principal religions in Great Britain.  

Our aim is to enable pupils to flourish individually, within their communities and as citizens of a diverse and multicultural society. We will be offering children opportunities for personal reflection and spiritual development, building up their sense of identity and belonging as well as thinking about issues of right and wrong.

Children will be learning about religion by enquiring and investigating the nature of religion, its beliefs, teachings and ways of life, together with its practices and forms of expression.  Children will need to become skilled at interpreting, analysing and explaining information by using specialist vocabulary.

Additionally, pupils will be encouraged to learn from religion by fostering their reflective skills, evaluating responses to their own and their peers’ experiences of religion and by communicating these ideas whilst respecting each other’s beliefs, sense of identity, belonging, purpose, truth and commitment. 

Religious Education at Coley Primary

In Year 1, the children have been thinking about how they would have greeted Jesus if He had come into our town in Reading.  We explored and learned the story of the triumphal Entry into Jerusalem from the New Testament in the Bible. We thought about how Jesus would have been a popular or unpopular character in our own town.  We reflected and wrote on Palm Leaves how we think we would have welcomed Jesus into our own town. 

The children at Coley Primary have enjoyed investigating and learning about different religious beliefs, teachings, and practices, forms of expression, family life, communities and cultures.  


In Year 4, the children recreated the Passover Meal to learn about the importance of celebrating freedom, being with family and understanding how Jewish people show commitment and faithfulness to God every year by remembering how God fred them from the grip of Faraoh. They have also created their own set of commandments with rules they thought were important for school or society. 

Among other religious issues, the children in Year 1 have thought  about matters regarding respect, kindness and tolerance towards others and the world and animals in which we live in.  Children have considered how society cares for the world and how God might feel about our treatment of one another and His creation.  Additionally, children have talked about how they should behave to be good stewards of God's creation.  


In Year 6, we have been thinking about how Mary might have felt about being pregnant and we wrote diary entries about her feelings.