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We have thousands of books in our school from picture books, poetry books, graphic novels, lots of fiction books for younger and older readers as well as a range of non-fiction but most of these are accessible to the children through our Book Band boxes (EYFS - Y2) and Accelerated Reader Book Bands (Y2 - Y6) and our poor school library in the Discovery Centre was hardly being used. NOT ANY MORE!


We want the children to know just how amazing libraries can be as well as giving them a greater choice when reading for pleasure. Our school library has a fantastic collection of non-fiction books,  giving the children access to a wide range of topics to further develop reading for enjoyment, explore topics that interest them as well as books to support the wider curriculum, e.g. history, geography or science. This is important not only for academic success but for life-long learning.


Every week, each class will send two representatives to select six books to share with the rest of their class. This will help the children develop their literacy skills by choosing books from a diverse collection, helping them to improve vocabulary, comprehension and language skills. It will expose the children to a vast array of subjects, sparking curiosity and encouraging them to explore different topics. This fosters a love for learning and supports their intellectual development.

Some of our Year 5 children have made a video to explain the Dewey Decimal System so that other children in school will understand how the library is organised.

We get a new collection of non-fiction books from our termly subscription to read and enjoy.

Why not join your local library!

Membership of the library service is free to everyone who lives, works or studies in Reading. You can join at any branch of the library by presenting proof of your name and current address. There is no minimum age for joining, but those under the age of 18 years require a signature from their parent or guardian. To find out more click on the link below: