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Science trip: Reach for the Star!

Rocket Science: Shoot to the Stars!


On the 6th May, 2016,  Coley's budding Scientist went to meet Loiue Stowell. We were fortunate to be able to ask her many questions about space. Here are some of the questions:


  1. Are there aliens in space?cheeky
  2. Do volcanos affect other planets?
  3. What is the weather like on the different planets?
  4. How do astronauts sleep? 



  1. We haven't yet discovered them.  It could be ... they don't want to see us or they are so far away!
  2. No, this is because they are far from each other.
  3. The nearer the planets gets to the sun the hotter the planet is but mercury is very cold indeed.
  4. They float in their sleeping bags not like we do!


Did you know...

  • it is really difficult to get humans and machines to work in space.
  • astronauts have to train very hard before venturing into space.
  • it maybe possible to grow plants in space.


 By the end of the day, we all felt like we were trained space cadets.

 It felt like we were real astronauts ready to enter space!  


What would you like to know about space?

Science Journey

We take great pride to inspire our young scientists to think scientifically. Inline with this, children have the opportunity to attend Science meetings and events. We believe in giving children a voice  and allowing them to take ownership of their learning. It was most pleasing to see the Coley team really challenged the presenter and amazed the audience in what young scientists know today. πŸ˜ƒ

Working Scientifically: Year 3 scientists investigatigate what an insulator and conductor is.

Y5 Filtering Experiment

Y6 Investigation: To Sail in Salt or Normal Water?

Y3 Remembering to Use and Spell Scientific Terms Correctly

πŸ’‘Light Investigation πŸ”¦πŸ•―

Science Day By Jai and Nathaniel


Hooray it…Science Week!


We really enjoyed doing our science investigations. Working indoors and outdoor was great fun.
One of investigation was to find out how many books an egg can hold?

We found out that raw eggs are actually strong. It can hold 58 books. That’s a lot of books, imagine carrying all that.  Some of the books were big some of the books were small.

This  investigation has certainly changed our view on raw egg.



By Jai and Nathaniel




Science Day By Saijoshita, Sara and Ahmed.


On  science day we did a special  investigation and we saw how strong the egg are. We also learnt learnt how to make a volcano eruption and when it erupted it smelt like vineger.The eggs shell could stand 58  books and we learned how buildings stay stable and how engineers  got their idea.My partner and I  predicted that 10 books could hold on the eggs.


Science Week: Will Humpty Dumpty Crack?πŸ€”

Science investigation: How strong are raw eggs?πŸ’­


Our prediction

Our team thought that the eggs would crack on 18 books.


When we did the investigation we found out it did not crack , it cracked when there was 58 books on top of it. When  it cracked it splatered everwhere. When we did 32 books, we had to go back in to class to get more books.

This investigation was fun. We couldn't believe  how strong raw egg are.

By Abhay , Reema and Suleman

How strong can eggs be?


Walking away! Are they still standing or has it cracked?

Small but Might: Mini Volcano Investigation


When we done the investigation we were surprise that we created a volcano. We mixed vinigar and some powder or soder together. It was fun to watch it explode, especially  when we put too much powder and vinigar altogether. We made sure to do this outdoor as it would be messy. We used a jar for the volcano.


All of year 3 liked it all very much and would  love to do it again.


By Francesca,Shannon and Rujul



One more....I think !

I think it's starting to wobble...


I can do this....(I hope)

Y5 Grouping materials

Y5 Testing the properties of each material