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Year 4

Our learning in Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!


We hope you had a wonderful holiday and are well rested and ready for learning.


Mr Hall is the teacher in Year 4.


Our LSAs are Miss Williams and Mrs Khasgiwala (Mrs K). We will also be seeing Mrs Kola, Mrs Madireddi and Miss Sowinski in class often.


Times tables

Quick recall of the times tables is super important for our maths, especially once we finish year 4 and move on to year 5 and beyond. As the government has recognised this, there is a statutory screening, the Multiplication Tables Check (MTC),  which every eligible year 4 child is expected to complete in June (dates TBC).

From gov.uk: "The purpose of the MTC is to determine whether pupils can recall their times tables fluently, which is essential for future success in mathematics. It will help schools to identify pupils who have not yet mastered their times tables, so that additional support can be provided."

The MTC consists of 25 questions, alongside 3 practise questions to warm up. Each question only lasts 6 seconds for the child to recall the fact and enter their answer on screen. There is a brief 3-second break between questions. The questions can test your child on any times tables fact up to 12X12.

There are numerous tools available freely online, several have been linked to in the times tables information page above.

The children will be taking daily times tables practise in school, however we do ask that you help to secure their recall knowledge by practising with them at home. Their weekly "Cracking Times Tables" assessments will also be stuck in their homework book to help keep you up to date.

Try not to stress yourself or your child over the check, but look for ways to keep it fun and engaging! Knowing and succeeding in times tables recall can be an easy win and confidence boost for children. 

For more information, see the 2022 parent booklet from the government linked above, or see Mr Hall.



Please ensure your child always has the correct PE kit ready for each PE day. Ensure all items of kit are named or labelled, including appropriate shoes. You may wish to keep your child's PE kit in school for the term, but you may also take it home to wash regularly as long as it's back in school for the next lesson. We recommend bringing it in on Mondays so it's not forgotten for Tuesdays!

PE is currently on:

Tuesday - Indoor

Friday - Outdoor


Note for swimming:

Remember to come in to school with swimming kit underneath your uniform so we can change quickly. Try to arrive at school by 8:30 for early registration so we can be at the coach for 8:45. Please see the homework and newsletters section for a digital copy of the letter with swimming kit and further information about payments. 




The homework grid will available at the top of this page, as well as being in the children's homework books. 


Remember to practise spellings at least twice a week. 

Complete one maths activity from the grid each week.

Choose 3 topic activities to complete over the half term.


Completing the above means PINK on Coley Coaching. 


Please read at home every day, 20 minutes reading most days makes a big difference. 


The children also have access to MyMaths - their log in details have been sent to you in their homework books. 


Accelerated Reader

Reading is a vital skill for life and we care a lot about progressing children's reading in school.

We use Accelerated Reader as a means of measuring and developing comprehension instead of just word-reading. 

Your child will have a ZPD in their reading journal as well as helpful top tips. These will also be posted in a folder at the top of the page. Please refer to these materials if you're unsure of something or ask one of us.

Some children who are on to reading longer books may take a second short book home with them so that they are taking quizzes at school regularly. We aim to complete at least 1 quiz each week so please make sure you are supporting your child in reading at home.


Maths Prompt Sheet