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Year 6

Coley Primary School KS2 SATs Information for Parents

Welcome to Year 6!

This year we are the Hawk Class.

Teacher: Mrs McIlwain

1:1: Ms Hathaway


LSAs: Mrs Paterson, Miss Thomas and Miss Perryman



Here are some of the fun facts we found out about hawks.


Hawks often hunt at dawn when nocturnal animals are still awake.

Hawks sometimes fight in the air over food.

Hawks mate for life. The male does tricks in the air to impress a female. These showcases can last over 10 minutes.

Hawks build large nests out of sticks. The nests can be 3 feet wide. Hawks place their nests atop a tall tree, a cliff or even a cactus.

A hawks eyesight is excellent, their hearing is also excellent but a hawks sense of smell is not so good.

Hawks can dive at speeds in access of 150 mph – yikes that’s fast.

Female hawks are generally larger than their male counterparts.

Hawks can hunt in the air also for other birds.

There are over 200 species of hawks worldwide.

A hawk can see colors.

A hawk can live up to 20 years, although 13 to 15 years is about the normal.


In Year 6 we need to work hard but at the same time we need to remember to have some fun too!


Our topics in Year 6 are:

  • What's out there? - 'Out of this World' where we learn about space, global warming, planet Earth and keeping safe and healthy.
  • Has there ever been a better time to live here? a local study of Reading.
  • Why do some creatures no longer exist? a look at evolution and inheritance
  • 'The Lady of Shalott' where we find out about Medieval Times and also learn to recite the famous poem of the same name.
  • The Great UK Geographical Challenge
  • 'Enterprise'  


During the Spring Term and the start of the Summer Term we start revising for out SATs.

SATs information for Parents on Wellbeing



PE days are Tuesday (indoor) and Friday (outdoor).


It is very important that our children get active. Government guidelines suggest 60 minutes of active exercise every day so please remember to always bring your PE kit to school at the beginning of every week.


  • Please make sure that all school uniform and PE kit is clearly labelled. 
  • Bring a coat every day in the winter months for outdoor PE
  • Bring a named water bottle to school everyday.


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The address is http://year62018.coleyblog.net// we try to update the content every week.

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At the beginning of each term a homework activities sheet  will be stuck in purple Homework books as well as posted on the class pages on the school website. 


The activities are divided into three areas: Spelling, Mathematics and Topic. Every week the children are expected to complete at least two spelling activities (green section) and one maths activity (blue section). In addition the children are expected to complete three topic activities (purple section) every term.

The spelling words for the week will be stuck in purple Homework books every Friday to learn using the activities in the green section. Activities should be spread throughout the week rather than completed on one day. Whichever activities they choose, it is important that children know the words ready for a weekly test. All activities, for spelling and maths, should be completed or recorded in the purple Homework books. Any written topic activities should also be completed in the Homework books.

Homework books with the completed spelling and maths activities must be returned to be checked by the following Wednesday.


In Year 6, we want everyone to read. Try to read both fiction and non-fiction texts to develop reading skills . We have special Reading Journals with a variety of Reading Activities to complete as well as reading and responding at least three times a week in our Reading Journals.

Use the questions below  to help write good responses to the texts you read.



Maths Prompt Sheet - What you need to know by the end of Year Six.