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Coley Nursery

Welcome to our page and thank you for sending your child to Coley Nursery. We feel very lucky to have them!


We aim to make your child's time in nursery exciting, fun and in a place where they feel safe and secure in the knowledge that we are all learners but we are also all teachers. We care for each other and we learn from each other and it's ok to make mistakes. In fact, the very best learning comes from making mistakes!


We have set up the nursery so it is a rich learning environment in which the children can direct their own learning adventures, as well as having some more structured group times to target their progress. Our team are always there to help and support them, whether it be helping get the resources they may need to carry out an investigation or simply encouraging them to find the correct words to solve any small disagreement which may arise.


We follow the EYFS curriculum and so much of the curriculum is covered by the children making their own choices within the learning environment we have created. We also have various topics which we cover each term and we have put those up on our curriculum page for you to see. This way if you want to learn alongside us, or would like to encourage your child to speak about some of the experiences they may be having, then reading our Knowledge Organisers is a really good place to start. If you also have a look at our blog alongside these then it will all start to make a lot more sense! 


You may well have a look and feel that you have seen that we are doing something that you know a lot about or have a real passion for. Please feel free to share your ideas with us. Coley has always believed that a strong partnership between home and school gives the children the very best foundation to learning. Like we said earlier- We are all teachers and we are all learners. 

Welcome to our Nursery page!


Teacher - Mr. Ramplin

Nursery Nurse - Mrs Townsend (Mrs Spooner on Wednesdays)

LSAs - Mrs. Nagaraj (Mrs Thirukumaran on Mondays and Thursdays)


In Nursery, we are following the EYFS curriculum and spending our time learning both inside and in our outside area, largely through a range of play and real life experiences. We have a large and well equipped playground for outdoor play and we take pride in providing a safe and happy environment for our children to engage, explore and learn from a mix of adult and child initiated activities. Our aim is for children at our Nursery always feel included, secure and valued. We believe families play a vital role in a child's development and we always do our best to work in partnership with the parents/carers. This will be through regular communication with parents, keeping you up to date with the children's learning and progress and we also plan topics where we invite parents in to celebrate with us.



Things to remember:


Morning nursery session starts at 8:30 am and finishes at 11:30 am

Afternoon session starts at 12:30 pm and finishes at 3:30 pm.


We are doing lots of messy play, so remember not to bring your children in their best clothes and put some spare clothes in their bag in case we need to change them!




Nursery - Introduction to Phonics

A brief introduction to our Read Write Inc Phonics scheme.

Nursery Introduction to Early Mathematics and Number

A brief introduction to how we teach maths in nursery.